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What inspires me most in my art are both the inner and outer spiritual
experiences in life, in nature and in the landscape. I love the colors that are full of energy and happiness, and that in themselves are always an inspiration.


2020-2021 Virtual solo exhitions in Artsteps.com
”Spirituality in colours” https://www.artsteps.com/view/5f1ee9d25970f7559d229e7d

2021 ”Between heaven & Sea” – Graphic& Photography – Virtual solo exhitions in Artsteps.com https://www.artsteps.com/view/5fd08ccc0ca077184a4bbb4b

2021 ”Late summer exhibition” – ”Remember my summer” – Paintings in tempera on paper – Abstract watercolors. Virtual solo exhitions in Artsteps.com https://www.artsteps.com/view/6105373017753205a98ef58a?currentUser

2021 ”Traped” by Ingela Wallgren Lindgren – Spiritual Paintings in tempera/crayons & drawings in coal/crayons. Virtual solo exhitions in Artsteps.com https://www.artsteps.com/view/5f418266e469d55356423f99

2012 – Gallery Galaxen, solo, Sandviken, Sweden.
2012 – Gallery Granen, solo, Sundsvall, Sweden.
2008 – Gallery 8, Sundsvall, solo, Sweden.
2008 – Naturum gallery, solo, Borgsjö, Sweden.
2008 – SCA/headoffice gallery, solo, Sundsvall, Sweden.
05/06/07 – Artshows Collective. Sweden.
2005 – Art Gallery, collective, Stockholm, Sweden.
2002 – Gallery Strandpromenaden, collective, Njurunda, Sweden.
2002 – Gallery Ljungan, collective, Sundsvall, Sweden.
2002 – Kvissleby Bibliotek, solo, Njurunda, Sweden.
2001 – Swedish Railway Gallery, collective, Gävle, Sweden. 2000 – Kulturmagasinet, Sundsvalls museum, collective, Sweden.
2000 – Gallery Ljungan, solo, Sundsvall, Sweden.
2000 – Gallery Blå Katten, solo, Sundsvall, Sweden.
1998 – Collective exhibitions for Human Rights, Sundsvall, Sweden.
1998 – Art Fair -98. Sundsvall, Sweden.

”Late summer Exhibition 2021” in; artsteps | Late summer exhibition 2021 – Paintings made in this summer and also in 20/21. Abstract paintings in tempera and watercolors/crayons on paper or canvas.

Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är artsteps-utställning.png

”Spirituality in colors” – Virtual exhibition in Artsteps.se


Utställning ”Traped” by Ingela Wallgren Lindgren


Painting in tempera/crayons on canvas.
Spiritual Drawings in coal/crayons.

Please note that the artworks are in a smaller format than what is presented in this digital exhibition.

”Between heaven and sea” – Graphic & Photography


Presented in art portal;

©Ingela Wallgren Lindgren




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